‘Seán is truly a rare find. He combines pure intuitive, inspired magic with being deeply grounded and working from the heart. I am usually wary about letting anyone do a Tarot reading for me had no doubts about getting one from him and I was not disappointed – it was totally spot on. I would 100% recommend him to anyone.’

Anouska Madden – Shamanic Psychotherapist

‘Sessions with Sean are therapeutic and provide positive guidance which is specially important in these challenging times. He brings clarity, practical advice and spiritual insights and helps recalibrate thoughts and actions.’

Aditi Mody ,Trustee. Habiart Foundation

‘Sean is truly one of a kind – a mentor, friend, life coach and listener all rolled into one wonderful man! 

I had a reading from him recently in which he was incredibly knowledgeable and guiding, thoroughly explaining the cards with patience and clarity. I left feeling genuinely inspired, positive and excited about my life and future.Thank you.’

Jessica , Designer and Artist

‘I met Sean in Dharamshala, in Himachal Pradesh in India.  Since then, Sean has done a few readings for me… in person and on the phone as well and I am someone who does NOT warm to tarot at all. I have experienced it in the past a few times and have come away uncomfortable and disturbed.

Not so with Sean! not so at all… quite the opposite actually.  Sean is absolutely spot on with his predictions – but what is truly fantastic about Sean is how he transcends different worlds, cultures and lives and is able to connect with you when he is doing a reading. He has a way of comforting you that makes you stronger without leading you up a garden path. And if you can do a guided meditation with him, I can promise you, you will absolutely love it.’

Aparna, Business owner,Dehli,India

“The session with Sean brought such comforting yet intriguing guidance, I was left armed with the pearls of his wisdom to help me navigate murky waters with greater clarity and optimism. I wholly recommend precious time spent with him!”

Ruth, PR and Brand Partnerships Manager

“Life is going well and I wasn’t looking for any particular answers but felt called to book a reading with Sean. We opened the session with meditation and drumming which in itself was energising. Sean reads with intuition and clarity and worked around my career and personal life in a positive flow. I was particularly blown away by Sean’s handcrafted tarot deck and felt excited, reinvigorated, and full of love after our session. Thank you for a truly unique and inspiring experience.”

Sarah ,Founder and Business Support Director

“A reading with Sean is like no other I have experienced. Part tarot reading, part life coaching session (in the best possible way), Sean gives highly intuitive yet practical insights, tapping into whatever question is at the front of your mind. He gave me a reading that rang so true it took me by surprise. As a result I was able to say out loud thoughts, ideas and a direction I wanted to take in life that I hadn’t even fully admitted to myself, let alone shared with anyone else. Sean made me comfortable and relaxed enough to open up and share, and helped me formulate ideas that had been swimming around in my head for years. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him, and can’t recommend a tarot reading with him highly enough.”

Susie,Trends Consultant & Concept Designer 


‘Your fabulous prints have just been delivered.I love them and your work.  They are so vibrant and full of energy.

I’ll have to save up for more.I hope many others are guided to you and your work too.Thank you for such a fantastic service.’


‘Sean’s artwork is a most incredible and beautiful spiritual gift that we are blessed to receive. I am fortunate to have a few pieces of his artwork around my sitting room, and the healing within each piece is palpable. Each one is unique with its own magical charm and blessing that makes me smile and fills my heart with love.’


‘Sean’s bright, beautiful work lifts the spirits. His depictions of the natural world clearly emerge from love and careful observation.’

Cathryn Bauer, Admin, OBOD Divination Discussion-FB


‘Sean’s dedication and genuine soul are a real inspiration. I enjoyed every drumming circles he has done . He is very approachable and down to earth. A very gentle energy yet powerful. Thank you. Aho!’

David, Creative Director

‘Seans feels like a natural teacher when he holds space for drum circles .I have felt the resonant,healing power of his work in every drum circle I have attended .’

Sarah , Therapist

‘I feel very lucky and honoured to be in possession of a drum made by The Shamans Horse. It’s a very beautiful and transformative tool, impeccably made & finished, but most importantly for me, a magical object that carries its own possibilities for creativity and connection. I’ve used my drum for personal work, shared ritual and found it a powerful force! As a musician, I’m happy to say that I’ve used the drum in a live setting and as part of solo compositional practice. Im grateful to have such a drum, and loved feeling part of the process when it was made. I’d recommend the drum-work of Shamans Horse to anyone. These drums are wonderful and unique’.

Burnt Paw,Artist and Musician

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