I’ve been working with TheShamansHorse -the Drum for many years .

The term TheShamansHorse comes from the fact that Shamans would use the drum to “journey’ to psychically travel to alternate realms of reality ( ‘non ordinary’ realms) to bring back messages,power and healing for their communities .

The term ‘Shaman’ is a title bestowed by a community on an individual who carries out such services .

The tittle Shaman should never be bestowed upon ones self .

You really don’t have to be a Shamanic practitioner to work and connect with the drum and ability to ‘journey’ isn’t confined to a Shamanic practitioner but is universal .

The practice of journeying involves using repetitive percussion – a steady beat to induce a dreamlike meditative state .

Being able to journey does not mean you a Shaman or Shamanic practitioner but it does mean you are a human .

Drums can be used for healing and a plethora of other spiritual work in fact the drum has been used for millennia as a sacred tool to connect to spirit , our communities and ourselves .

I have been holding space for a Drum ceremony / group at Aho studios In HackneyWick ,London for the past two years.

This group approaches Shamanic work from a Celtic and world perspective.

These are held on the 8 seasonal festivals or Sabats on the Celtic wheel .

During these focal points in the Callander we tune into the seasonal earth energies and are able to realign our selves to the seasons and the world around us .

The group includes drumming , journey work and a ceremony specific to each seasonal festival .

Details of the next group is here.

You are welcome .


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