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The next retreat I will be holding is called Drawing From the Well- Art and Animism which will be at Growan a beautiful retreat space in Herefordshire.Theres some info below about the course and I have attached a couple of photographs to illustrate how I use these techniques in my own work.It’s a real honour and pleasure to share these profound and simple techniques.Please contact Sally and Adam Grōwan for all booking details. The weekend is on 6-8th of August 2021Drawing From The Well.Art and Animisim: An introduction to using shamanic/animistic techniques to enhance, inform and create artistic expression.Art has been used as a human form of expression for millennia, with some of the oldest examples dating back as far as 700,000 years ago and to the rock caves of Bhimbetka and Daraki-Chattan in India. Shamanism, and animism (the belief that everything has spirit or soul) are spiritual practices that have also been used for millennia.I believe artists, shamans and shamanic practitioners share many of the same techniques and that often, possibly unknowingly, artists enter the same realms of the shaman to bring inspiration from other versions of our reality into this one.In this short, weekend course I will be demonstrating how shamanic techniques can be used to access other aspects of our realities and bring back inspiration, information and even healing that may inform our artistic expressions and our lives in general.I will take you on a journey of discovery. This will be a place where seekers and dreamers will be welcome. You will become cartographers forging maps to places that will enable you to rediscover yourself through artistic expression.During the weekend we will be using the shamanic journey, guided by the drum, to access an altered state and travel to parts of ‘non-ordinary reality’ – other parts of realities where we might go on adventures, meet spirits, teachers and guides and bring back information that might guide and facilitate our artistic expression.We will use several techniques, including mediation and gentle movement, as well as classic Shamanic journeying practices.After these adventures you will be invited to express your visions using a number of artist methods and via your chosen medium. You will be working with a number of different media and techniques both 2D and 3D.Materials will be provided for this but feel free to bring anything of your own you really want to use to supplement these.Experience of artistic methods, the ability to draw in a conventional way or any artistic experience is useful but absolutely not required.Experience of Shamanic journeying is also welcome but, again, is not required.More info can be found here


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