Pre Beltane – Earth Odyssey

Last weekend I went on a walk around Avebury and the surrounding countryside to gather my thoughts and inspiration for the upcoming event at Avebury this Sunday on Beltane May the 1st . It’s a light hearted gamble (whilst it also offered deep connection) and a little postcard /love letter from and to Avebury and the surrounding lands.

Beltane Rising

Im so happy to be holding space for this empowering day to celebrate the high fertile energies of Beltane on May the 1st at the Henge Shop in Avebury.

Bluebell Spirt

It’s still Beltane ! It’s more than just a day and probably not on the 1st of May anyway. Its been a strange one this year but I’ve been out in the woods quite a lot.I love the energy of bluebells – the way they forma a carpet of colour all over the floor of the woodland and the wild energy they exude.This year…


It’s been quite distressing over the past few days watching the dreadful developments evolve in India and it has been really occupying my thoughts.As I was feeling a little helpless I thought I would make an artwork as an act of meditative  positive intention- a magical act of creative healing. After my usual meditation and  drum journey work I was minded to create an…


Feel it , flaunt it.Phoenix or Peacock you choose .

Dream Goddess

Sometimes dreams just demand you paint them up or down.Who am I to dare to argue with this one.This mycelial Medusa is a dream goddess who really doesn’t care of the hairdressers have re-opened or not.She brings you adder medicine of fertile transformation.Give in to her encouragement and powers and the kick-ass side of the divine feminine


Just been hand finishing and framing up my weather appropriate Snowy Hare print for someone and thought I would let him have a play with the other Hares in our front room before he is released and now…….he doesn’t want to leave ….It seems cruel but like the rest of us he has to face the world and get out there !!!…/a3-hare-and-fox…


Re-birth.It’s hard to remember it’s Spring as it’s so chilly today but Beltane is less than four weeks away. Beltane – welcome in the Summer !

Seeing in the Dark

Last night I dreamt of crumbling walls and the futility of trying to keep them up.Let them fall – we don’t need them .Then I dreamt about seeing in the dark and how the unseen is wilder than you might imagine. Within some animistic practices we say we can see better in the dark – I think this may be true.