Tastes like Honey

Having just journeyed to the land of the honey bee I am now utterly convinced that our connection is ancient and vital .

Drumming in London

The next drum ceremony I will hold will be in AHO Studios in Hackney Wick on the 20th of September .

Here we will drum and connect to the balancing energies of the Autumn Equinox .

There will be drumming , a journey and short Equinox Ceremony where we can re balance and set our intentions for the coming season .


The Shamans Horse


I am not a Shaman.

I may engage in and study practices which have been collectively called ‘ shamanic’ but this doesn’t make me a Shaman .

The ‘Shamans Horse’  is  simply another name for the the drum .The drum itself is the very means of transport, the’ horse’ on which a shamanic practitioner(or in fact anyone who desires to) can, using repetitive percussion create an altered state and travel or   ‘journey’ through the cosmos, to ‘non ordinary ‘ realms of consciousness .

The function of these journeys is to contact spirits who may  bring us messages, healing and  beneficial power .

Often these spirits may appear as animal archetypes as well as human and mythic guides.

These images are snap shots from  my journeys in amongst these realms  a space beyond time, logic and ordinary reason ,the realms of “non-ordinary reality”.

The ability to journey to their realms is open to everyone .

Being able to do this doesn’t make one a Shaman , but it does make one a human .

I am not a Shaman .I am a human .