Re-birth.It’s hard to remember it’s Spring as it’s so chilly today but Beltane is less than four weeks away. Beltane – welcome in the Summer !


I was recently sitting on a small moss covered stone bridge over a small but ancient meandering river.Just sitting watching the water move around the river plants while the sunlight reflected in shards on its surface.

After a while of sitting doing ‘apparently’ nothing-I kind of sank into a different kind of stillness.

The volume of my mind was turned down or even off while the volume around me increased.This was an active state not a passive state .I was being submerged into the surrounding trees, the babbling noises of the river and the river itself.

The cornucopia of sights and smells had naturally induced this state – I had no intention for this as such it just …happened .Sinking into the welcoming quicksand of the moment the colours and sensations softened whilst also becoming ultra vivid as my perception of reality gently shifted around this place as I sank Ito the place itself.

This was a state of deep stillness which naturally occurred and left me feeling camouflaged within the environment. A reminder that I wasn’t ‘in nature’ but that I am nature.

It was within the soft focus of this deep relaxation that the Kingfisher appeared . A madness of colour and motion gliding through the air like a multi coloured streak of luminescent oil paint .

So vibrant and so fleeting. Gone in seconds, in a blink .I wondered if it imagined ? Was it real?

When it was gone only a fading imprint the colour remained in my vision – though the memory was lasting , luminous ,vibrant and very powerful . A deeply imprinted vivid colour recording of that moment .An intense colourful memory of complete immersion.

An invitation to remember we are part of this place we are so lucky to inhabit for a short, fleeting time.

An invitation remember that all this is fleeting and all know this is real .

©TheShamansHorse/Sean Ryan 2021

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Deep Connections

Bluebell Spirt

It’s still Beltane ! It’s more than just a day and probably not on the 1st of May anyway.

Its been a strange one this year but I’ve been out in the woods quite a lot.I love the energy of bluebells – the way they forma a carpet of colour all over the floor of the woodland and the wild energy they exude.This year ,I thought I’d try to capture it in this artwork.It’s seems a,most impossible to capture the feeling of this energy with a photograph.

There’s this kind of wild energy which presents itself at this time like a trigger for the sap to rise and Summer to start.

Bluebell feels like the blue touch paper for the fireworks of Summer.


It’s been quite distressing over the past few days watching the dreadful developments evolve in India and it has been really occupying my thoughts.As I was feeling a little helpless I thought I would make an artwork as an act of meditative  positive intention- a magical act of creative healing.

After my usual meditation and  drum journey work I was minded to create an image of the Indian Goddess Kali.Over the past three years I have visited  several powerful Kali shrines in India – the most powerful feeling (to me ) of which were in Kolkata.I was nervous of creating this image – choosing not to continue if the deity didn’t wish me to- so being mindful to stop the process if it didn’t ‘feel right’.I had several reservations – was I playing with fire with Kali ? Was I ‘appropriating’ or being dis-respectful ?I decided to trust the process and after all she would for sure let me know .

Rather than being warned off ,the opposite actually happened and I was drawn into the process really quickly and deeply but after a while something else intervened. Half way through making this artwork an ancient Celtic  energy appeared and ‘wanted in’ – not in any way comparable to Kali but no he less here and present in energies the  and influences efecting me right now.The energy of Boudicca  or maybe even  Andraste ( The ancient warrior queen of the Iceni worshipped by Boudicca and the ancient Iceni people)seemed to want to come through …

So here it is a  mysterious deity or energy .. part Indian part Celtic which seems perfect when sending energy over to India form here.

May she bring victory over ‘the demons’.

May she bring resilience, energy and healing.

May she bring love to India from Albion.

Albion is said to be the oldest known name for the Island of Britain .

If you are interested in learning how I use sacred or shamanic drumming as part of my practice I will holding space on a weekend retreat in August where I will be sharing these techniques.

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Feel it , flaunt it.
Phoenix or Peacock you choose .

Dream Goddess

Sometimes dreams just demand you paint them up or down.Who am I to dare to argue with this one.This mycelial Medusa is a dream goddess who really doesn’t care of the hairdressers have re-opened or not.She brings you adder medicine of fertile transformation.
Give in to her encouragement and powers and the kick-ass side of the divine feminine


Just been hand finishing and framing up my weather appropriate Snowy Hare print for someone and thought I would let him have a play with the other Hares in our front room before he is released and now…….he doesn’t want to leave ….It seems cruel but like the rest of us he has to face the world and get out there


Hand finishing a Giclee print .

Seeing in the Dark

Last night I dreamt of crumbling walls and the futility of trying to keep them up.Let them fall – we don’t need them .Then I dreamt about seeing in the dark and how the unseen is wilder than you might imagine.

Within some animistic practices we say we can see better in the dark – I think this may be true.



Slow , imperfect perfection

I’ve recently, slowly….. been making rattles amongst my other activities.

These rattles are powerful tools which can be used for a number of Shamanic or Animistic activities and purposes – meditational journeying , clearing energy from spaces or people and for healing…These are multi use power-tools! They can certainly be used musically and ceremonially too and for sure can make people dance.

When I make theses rattles I keep things slow. It’s nice to work in time with the universe and when things occur naturally. As a results they take ages to make .Each piece of wood is ‘quested’ which means I go out with the intention to find a piece of wood which I can make something out of- when found gratitude and offerings are made.As a result each wood comes from a different source here there’s driftwood from Pembroke , Yew from Wiltshire , Beech from Ireland.

The deer hide is surplus from drum making – here three of the four rates are going along with drums.It is great to have a rattle made of the same skin as the drum itself.

The skins are carefully sourced from the U.K I but from from the keeper and have visited and spent time in the woodland the Deer roamed in.

The ‘rattles’ (the little objects which make the noise are equally quested) and come from a variety of sources too diverse on any cosmic customs form.

It’s a slow process – each stitch, each binding, each rattle and winding is imbued with intention, blessings and magic for the end user and just for the process itself.I may not necessarily share this with the owner as I fear it may disempower them in some way – its up to them how they use them. That said I can’t help adding intention or blessings or magic in as I go- these are ‘power’ tools .Powerful objects deserve respect and good powerful intentions.AS I said the magic is also in the process itself and in that process there’s so much magic healing and lessons which I am gifted – I guess this is my payment for which I’m so grateful for.

To give you one example one of these rattles took a whole day just to punch the holes in – so thick is the hide – it became a warrior tool – if I was using it it would be used to clear spaces and remove obstacles. On the handle I placed the Ogham symbol for Holly -Tinne in Gaelic. My personal meaning for Holly in this context is as an energy which aids in a war over negativity.

So…I wonder how this tool will be used?Well I know to whom it is going and through our initial talks and consultations I know this will be used with the drum to do great things.

Three of these will go with drums but I was minded to make one extra rattle using some red dear hide and a yew handle.As it became the fourth of these ‘wands’ I was of course minded of the tarot card which for many represents celebration , homecoming and harmony.So there’s my intention for whoever receives this one which will be given , gifted to someone/ f.o.c who may need it . I wonder where it will end up ?