It’s been quite distressing over the past few days watching the dreadful developments evolve in India and it has been really occupying my thoughts.As I was feeling a little helpless I thought I would make an artwork as an act of meditative  positive intention- a magical act of creative healing.

After my usual meditation and  drum journey work I was minded to create an image of the Indian Goddess Kali.Over the past three years I have visited  several powerful Kali shrines in India – the most powerful feeling (to me ) of which were in Kolkata.I was nervous of creating this image – choosing not to continue if the deity didn’t wish me to- so being mindful to stop the process if it didn’t ‘feel right’.I had several reservations – was I playing with fire with Kali ? Was I ‘appropriating’ or being dis-respectful ?I decided to trust the process and after all she would for sure let me know .

Rather than being warned off ,the opposite actually happened and I was drawn into the process really quickly and deeply but after a while something else intervened. Half way through making this artwork an ancient Celtic  energy appeared and ‘wanted in’ – not in any way comparable to Kali but no he less here and present in energies the  and influences efecting me right now.The energy of Boudicca  or maybe even  Andraste ( The ancient warrior queen of the Iceni worshipped by Boudicca and the ancient Iceni people)seemed to want to come through …

So here it is a  mysterious deity or energy .. part Indian part Celtic which seems perfect when sending energy over to India form here.

May she bring victory over ‘the demons’.

May she bring resilience, energy and healing.

May she bring love to India from Albion.

Albion is said to be the oldest known name for the Island of Britain .

If you are interested in learning how I use sacred or shamanic drumming as part of my practice I will holding space on a weekend retreat in August where I will be sharing these techniques.

The link to this weekend and more information is here

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