Growing Pains

It’s been quite a year hasn’t it ? Is not easy to know how or where to start .My world has been shaken up and is now starting to settle down and I’m sure the same is true for many .There are probably still also unsettling times ahead .The virus plods on with is 360 degree arguments and theories while the tragic George Floyd incident promises to permanently change the world (hopefully )for the better. Yesterday in my journeys and meditations I was shown the skin on my back as painful spikes poked through .Theses turned out to be wings – not of the angelic kind but of the kind birds use to fly like blackbird wingsThe message I took from this was growth and change may also require some discomfort and maybe a little pain …growing pains .So maybe for now we will just need to be a little patient with each other as the new world paradigms come into being .I had stated this image earlier and for some reason was drawn to paint this humming bird – a delicate bird strongly carrying or new world into being – carrying it , creating it .People have the power – if they want it ..if we want it .

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